The British Army currently has 6 divisions with two (1st Armoured Division and 3rd Infantry Division) being at continual operational readiness for deployment.

Name Headquarters Subunits
1ukdiv.gif 1st Armoured Division Herford, Germany 3 Armoured or Mechanised Brigades.
British 2nd Infantry Division.png 2nd Infantry Division Craigiehall, near Edinburgh Four regional brigades.
British 3rd Infantry Division2.svg 3rd Infantry Division Bulford, Salisbury Two mechanized brigades, one light brigade and one infantry brigade.
British 4th Infantry Division Insignia (New).png 4th Infantry Division Aldershot Three regional brigades.
British 5th Infantry Division.png 5th Infantry Division Shrewsbury Three regional brigades, one air assault brigade and Colchester Garrison.
British 6th Infantry Division Insignia.svg 6th Infantry Division York Deployable divisional HQ. Created to support the UK's rotational command of HQ Regional Command South.

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