The Army Air Corps (AAC) provide direct aviation support for the Army, although the RAF also assist in this role. The primary attack helicopter is the Westland WAH-64 Apache, a license-built, modified version of the AH-64 Apache that will replace the Westland Lynx AH7 in the anti-tank role. The Bell 212 is used as a specialist utility and transport helicopter, with a crew of two and a transport capacity of twelve troops. The Westland Gazelle helicopter is a light helicopter, primarily used for battlefield reconnaissance and control of artillery and aircraft. The Eurocopter AS 365N Dauphin is used for Special Operations Aviation and the Britten-Norman Islander is a light aircraft used for airborne reconnaissance and command.
Name Origin Type Q Photo Notes
Westland Apache United States
United Kingdom
Attack 67
Westland apache wah-64d longbow zj206 arp.jpg
Designed to hunt and destroy tanks, the Apache attack helicopter has significantly increased the operational capability of the British Army.
Britten-Norman Defender and Britten-Norman Islander United Kingdom Recconnaisance 15
Britten norman defender g-gmpb at manchester arp.jpg
The Defender is the latest version of the Islander twin turboprop aircraft and is used in a variety of roles.
Westland Lynx United Kingdom Transport/Utility/Attack 100
ZD284 RIAT Bthebest.JPG
The Lynx is the British Army's primary battlefield utility helicopter.
Eurocopter Squirrel France Trainer 35
Dhfs eurocopter as.350bb squirrel ht1 arp.jpg
A variant of the AS350 Ecureuil civil helicopter, the relatively modern Squirrel is the training helicopter of choice for both the Defence Helicopter Flying School and the Operational Training Phase of flying at Middle Wallop. This single engine aircraft makes the perfect platform for instructing all the differing flying techniques required of new pilots.
Westland Gazelle France
United Kingdom
Recon 27 (98)
GazelleAH1 Ahlhorn May1983.jpeg
The primary role of the Gazelle is observation and reconnaissance.
Bell 212HP United States Transport and Fire support 8
Uh-1n takeoff.JPG
The Bell 212 is used by the Army Air Corps in the jungle areas of Belize and Brunei.
Eurocopter AS365N3 Dauphin France Special Forces 4
FS CdG Dauphin.jpg

Agusta A109A/E Italy liaison/Special Forces 6

Slingsby T-67M Firefly United Kingdom Basic Trainer 5
Trainer for the Army.
Watchkeeper WK450 UAV United Kingdom ISTAR UAV 54 on Order
UAV will come into operational service in 2010.

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